Goodbye Ordinary at InMobi

By Shreyas Dilip, Intern @ InMobi

From the second I stepped into the InMobi Bangalore office for my interview, I knew that there was something different about this company from all the others! The stunningly decorated office, people chilling on bean bags, wonderful collaboration spaces all got together to fascinate me. I felt the pulse of the startup culture along with the professionalism of a large corporate. It was inspiring, and at that moment of time, a little intimidating too! I went through my interview process, the ensuing interview assignment and was then introduced to Head of Recruitment and Compensation, who let me know what my job role would be. I came here with the intention of being a part of the fantastic growth story and I got a chance to work on something I love!

Fast forward to my first day at the job and InMobi really showed that they cared. From the endearing signboard which said “First Day at InMobi” on my parking spot to the amazing goodie bag, they made me feel right at home! The one aspect that amazed me the most about the company is the attention to detail given for every minute task. The innovative workspace and the general energy around the office really motivated me and made me feel like we’re all contributing in some way to make the world a better place!

Straight out of college, I was obviously worried about the timings that I would have to follow. After hearing many horror stories about punching on dot, I was genuinely petrified about this aspect of corporate life. On my first day, I hesitantly asked my manager for the time I had to report every day. A pleasant and rather intriguing answer was presented to me. “You come at a time that you deem fit”. I was stunned. I repeated my question and I received a warm smile in return. It personally put me to ease as the transition from college to a corporate atmosphere was made almost seamless. The casual attire of the people in office was also really encouraging as I saw many walking around in shorts and flip-flops. That was the moment that I knew that an InMobian is valued for the work that they are doing rather than the trivial value of appearance and rigid office timings.

I might have led you to believe that working here is a cakewalk, but don’t be mistaken! I quickly realized that there is always a sense of urgency and immediacy around the office. Everybody wants things done and fast! There is a constant race with oneself to be more productive than the day before, to reach newer heights and innovate tirelessly. This has personally pushed me to do more than I normally do and I sense, that’s the way every InMobian feels as they walk through the doors every day.

During my induction, I learnt that our business has reached this level of success because of a deep understanding of people. I would go as far as to say that claim originates from how InMobi has a deep understanding of InMobians. The philosophy here enables movement across teams and smashes the precedent set by many other corporates; where career growth is associated with vertical movement rather than a horizontal movement that fosters learning and breaks monotony. This has enabled many here to take on responsibilities outside the scope of their education or previous job roles.

And the privileges don’t end here! The best and the most unique part – as an InMobian, I get a learning wallet loaded with $800 every year! So basically, I have all this money to spend on learning something new for myself.

InMobi has revolutionized the mobile advertising space as we all know it, and is doing some awesome stuff with their people practices. I personally love the energy and the fast-paced environment here! I would love to come back to such an organization after completing my education, where I know I can make a rounded long term career.