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True life adventures of entrepreneurs inspired by InMobi

Finding at least that one person who believes in what you’re doing, can take you to the next level and we found that person in Mohit, Co-Founder and CTO at InMobi. Sometimes we feel like he’s more passionate about our idea than the three of us! - Sanket

It all started when an idea came to action during Sanket and Rohit's third year of college. They first conceptualized a technical events startup called CampusHash (hash as in hashtag, and not what you're thinking). They would visit various college campuses and organize workshops about new technologies. They met Iliyas at PyCon India 2013, and their connection was instant. Other than the fact that the three share a love for settling on Mars one day, Iliyas, Sanket and Rohit started to share ideas right away. They came up with a concept called InternHacks (yes, they have a lot of ideas). With this idea in mind, they conducted many hackathons and workshops, and started sourcing interns to tech companies.

Through various hackathons and their interactions with tech companies, they quickly observed that the process of recruiting technical talent in India was time consuming, manual and redundant. And then they had an even bigger idea - an insatiable desire to create a product to fix this problem! In a constantly evolving tech world, with new programs revolutionizing user processes every day, the DoSelect team realized that the existing tech recruiting tools were not evolving as fast as the industry itself.


"My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is that we have the freedom to create something that doesn’t exist and impact the world", says Sanket. The trio set out to create something new with one clear motive - to build a product that would change the way things were done previously, and in this process make the life of users much simpler.

Iliyas Shirol from InMobi

Iliyas, at InMobi that time, started spending his week nights and days off working on their new venture. He fondly remembers that he had planned to leave InMobi at that time, but he was encouraged to stay and work from the office on weekends. "I really like the InMobi culture because they never stop anyone from creating something new." says Sanket. The people at InMobi became their advisors and provided them with the much needed support to get their project off the ground! Having the freedom to work out of the InMobi office was not only a support to their new venture, but ended up becoming their source of inspiration.

"We have been in awe of the founders of InMobi and how they have created this company out of just one idea. After hearing Naveen Tewari and Mohit Saxena talk about how they've built a billion dollar company in India, we realized, so can we!" says Sanket. The InMobi story has struck a chord in their hearts, as they faced the same initial problems of facing rejection and starting with difficult conditions. "Working alongside people who have grown so fast, has made our dream appear as a more realistic goal to strive towards" says Iliyas.

"We felt motivated by the fact that if the founders at InMobi could overcome the rejections they faced, so can we. They never gave up despite rejections from some of the top people in the industry, so it doesn’t matter who rejects you, it’s about finding the person who believes in you", says Iliyas, a proud InMobian.

Drawing analogies with the InMobi growth story, the trio feels blessed to have found someone who believes in them. "Watching Mohit pitch our idea to others, gives us much confidence to believe our value in the tech market".

“We launched our product in the private beta mode in 2014 and soon after launched it publicly. Since then we have more than 300 teams using it.” says Rohit.

They attribute their marketing success to purely word of mouth testimonials. "We want to be the platform that companies use to find the best talent for their team, as it is the most important part of building a company. We want to be the de-facto tool that enables companies to reach out and find the best people they possibly can!"

"One pivotal value from InMobi that we have incorporated into our company is to focus on the user. We’ve found this to be the best guiding principle throughout our journey. As we focus our resources on making our users happy and enhancing our product for their needs, everything else falls into place” says Iliyas.

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Our Advice to New Entrepreneurs:

  1. Don’t think just start- There’s no time for making business plans and entering business plan competitions, just jump right into it!

  2. Focus your mind on one idea - When you don’t have a stable mind, you can get distracted easily. It’s important to prioritize and work hard on that one idea for as long as it takes.

  3. Skills matter – Having a degree is not as important as spending time developing and building your personal skill set, because when you set out on your own, you’re going to need that.

  4. Find the right team - Paul Graham once said “surround yourself with the sort of people new ideas come from.” Find those who are as motivated as you are.

  5. Observe - Learn from those who have been successful, understand how their processes and ideas can help you with yours.

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-- In conversation with Sunshine Bhandary