Live. Laugh. Leap @ InMobi

By Maithreyi Sairam, Intern @ InMobi

Achieving good health together

Wellness is not a destination. It's not some distant finish line that you cross and finally declare yourself "well." Wellness is a practice. It's not something you are, it's something you do. And you don't have to be "well" to practice wellness. Anyone can do it, at any stage of life. Every time you make even a small choice that helps you move toward better health — whether that means physical, emotional, or spiritual health — you are practicing wellness.

Health consciousness is a growing phenomenon among people all around the world and therefore the introduction of Live Laugh Leap, a wellness initiative came as a boon to all the health freaks in our office. For the others, it was a beginning of a healthy journey. From eating healthy to joining a club, InMobians could pick up anything they wanted to and make it a part of their daily routine. Energy packed events and a whole bunch of fun is what followed through till now. The buzzing talks on a healthy lifestyle is the end product of the 10 day launch!

It all starts with the diet!

It is said that the journey to the heart starts with the stomach and that is exactly how our journey to good health began.

To kick-start a healthy diet, the entire office was turned into a junk-free zone with no fried or unhealthy food to be seen for a day. Today InMobians are given an option to choose from regular food and healthy food, with fruit/ salad bar available with every meal and calorie counts presented on every item of the menu for an informed choice. It’s the dream menu for all health conscious souls! For the others, well we still have the tasty yet sinful items available in the menu.

Introducing the InMobi clubs!

Why do it alone? Since we’re all in it, let’s achieve good health together.

Socializing makes exercise more fun, which improves the chances that you’ll keep doing it. The idea behind forming various clubs at InMobi was to bring together people with similar interests, give them a chance to interact with one another, and help them find a way to their fitness together amidst all that passion!

Cycling Club: Bringing back fond memories of our childhood, the Cycling Club at InMobi has everyone pedalling away to glory. Come join our enthusiastic cyclists on the cycling ride to Nandi Hills with our CEO, Naveen Tewari next month. If you miss this, don’t worry at all. The champions of the group have an activity planned every fortnight.

Runners Club: “Don’t ask me why I run, ask yourself why you don’t?” was what our runners club champion, Manish Dugar, CFO InMobi had to say about running. It’s all about the passion and sweat, where InMobians get together and discover thrilling adventures, conquering new challenges together! Come join us at Lal Bagh, on our next run in Bangalore.

Travel Club: From the pyramids of Giza to the ruins of Hampi, the world has endless stories to tell. At InMobi, we firmly believe travelling is synonymous to living. A well formulated collaboration between our Travel Club and Nirvana Nomads has the InMobians blood pumping for excitement. Watch out for the next interesting trip that might just involve loads of surprises wrapped with enthusiasm and adventure.

Bar Raisers: Every eatery and bar in Bangalore has its own little story behind it. Every weekend we find the hottest places in town and unravel the mysteries behind some of the best dishes Bangalore has to offer. It’s all about the food, the drinks and the Fun, join us if you dare!

Zumba: The trend that took the world by storm now comes to the InMobi office. A beautiful union of dance and exercise, Zumba has all InMobians tapping their toes. Swaying to the grooviest of tunes and trendiest of steps, more than a 50 of us get together to dance it out every week!

Relaxation is the real deal!

With hectic schedules and long work hours, relaxation and rejuvenation becomes the number one priority.

Yoga: Warning- Yoga is known to cause health and happiness.

To bring in the enthusiasm for Yoga, we began the day with doing desktop yoga. InMobi was converted into a Zen Zone, with every InMobian stretching and breathing according to the instructions on their desks. Yes, you needn’t always get up from your seats and take out those yoga mats for Yoga.

Regular Yoga classes kicked off thrice a week in the office premises for people to come and make it a regular practice.

Spa: “I hate getting a massage” said no one ever.

Starting from soothing head massages to an Ayurvedic body spa, InMobians got the chance to escape into a world of tranquillity by redeeming their vouchers at 4Fountains Spa in Bangalore. InMobians finally take a break from their packed work schedules and give their body some time off.

Pledge to a Health check-up.

You’re better late than never, when it comes to your body. That’s the only place you got to live in!

In collaboration with Apollo hospital, InMobians received special packages to get their bodies on the right track. We had Shekar Nethralaya, the super speciality eye hospital, set up an eye check-up facility at the cafeteria in the HQ where InMobians and their families could check if their eyes were on the right track.

Think Fast, Save Young:

You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it!

When we say wellness, we mean an all-round wellness that not only includes physical and spiritual but also financial. With an interesting workshop conducted by Mr. Karthik Rangappa, head of research at Zerodha, InMobians were given an insight into managing their money and investing. They were empowered to buy and sell stocks, currencies and much more with ease. Many of them have also signed up with Zerodha to help manage their money better.

Rather than enforce a decision, guidance seems more appropriate when it comes to accepting a healthy lifestyle. With motivating videos, catchy e-mailers, colourful posters and interactive events, it was all about catching the eye and nudging InMobians to be a better version of themselves. It’s not an initiative that is run by HR at InMobi, it is an initiative run by InMobians themselves, for themselves.

As we embark on this journey of fitness, we invite you to come take part in our ride. Take care of your health. Start today!