Meet InMobi’s Team of 900 Talent Scouts

The Referral Route to Reimagining Advertising

By Rajesh Sridhar, Lead - People Operations

“InMobi is reimagining advertising at its core, and now, with over one billion devices on our network, we are well-positioned to deliver on that promise.” – Naveen Tewari, Founder and CEO, InMobi

The onus of delivering on this promise of change and disruption is on the family of 900 InMobians. Seamlessly driving this vision is the People Operations team at InMobi – where we seek to maintain the culture of collectivism, where every InMobian owns the company, owns every new initiative and owns delivering on every promise made by us. The fundamental step in the pathway to realizing our vision is to build ‘Dream Team InMobi’. We’re doing this by disrupting the usual way referral programs are run. Usually referral programs are not generous or if they are generous, they don’t create memorable experiences as the currency used is mainly cash.

At InMobi, we reward the InMobi family differently. For the adventure freaks we have crazy parties in Amsterdam, full moon parties in Thailand, wine tours of Europe and Cage Diving with Sharks in South Africa. We have the iPhone for the gadget gurus and the Thunderbird for the bike enthusiasts. Of course there is the flavour of the month, a chance to win two tickets for the IPL 8 finals at the Eden Gardens!

Psychological research suggests that awaiting an experience apparently elicits more happiness and excitement than awaiting a cash incentive. And when the experience is for the taking, right in front of your eyes, the excitement level is palpable indeed, a few notches up than the already vibrant atmosphere in the office.

Admits Ashish Bhat, who works as an Account Strategist, “Every time I pass by the Mario wall and look at these bikes, it just reminds me that I need to get back to my workstation, reach out to my friends and get more awesome people to join me at InMobi. I want my friends here, and of course I want the bike!”

It’s a constant effort on our part to re-invent the wheel and not only disrupt the Mobile world, but also the gamut of people practices. Such an approach to referral programs and talent building, besides letting InMobians themselves decide who should join us, also creates the environment of trust and the sense of belonging, which is the foundation of the people philosophy and culture code at InMobi.