More Power to Women in Technology

Redefining Maternity Leave Guidelines in India

By Rajesh Sridhar, Lead - People Operations

Leading the way for Tech startups, we at InMobi launched our new flexible maternity leave benefit this Monday. We pride ourselves on the fact that our working mothers in India can now avail up to 6 months of paid maternity leave, up significantly from the statutory 3 months.

“This is a good move” says Shubha Pai, Head of Presales at InMobi. “I believe it's a step in the right direction, because this is the time when you're at your vulnerable best and a policy like this can take all your worries away and can make the transition from maternity to work smooth.”

Early this year, we surveyed working mothers in our India offices about their transition to work and understood the difficulties they faced during the transition. To our surprise, the lack of leaves wasn’t the hard bit; the thought of leaving their new born baby back home was harder!

Today, maternity is a key milestone when significant number of women choose to stop working. However, only a few organizations in India, largely in the FMCG or the BFSI space offer generous benefits to working mothers. “In a startup environment which is largely competitive in terms of growth and expansion, we set our sight on something more long lasting” says Kevin Freitas, Global Head of Recruiting and Rewards.
At InMobi, we actively look for new ways to encourage more women in the field of technology. Keeping true to our ‘Live Your Potential’ People philosophy, we want every employee to experience growth and get the opportunities at making a long-term career with us. We highly value the commitment of our women employees in taking us to where we are today, and strive to create our benefits in a way that acknowledge their efforts and provide comfort to manage their life holistically.

InMobi now provides its new mothers in India with the flexibility to avail up to 6 months of flexible maternity leave. This includes 4 months of full paid leave, followed by half day paid leave along with work from home facility for up to 6 months, until they are fully re-adjusted in their dual role, as a mother and as a corporate professional.

“It’s a very employee friendly policy!” says Pujarini Guha Maulik, Practice Counsel at InMobi. “In fact I can say as a mother myself, that it’s immensely helpful for a new mother to start the transition to re-enter work life in the 5th month, because by the time she’s in the 7th month she will be fully tuned to the routine, and back at work! I have worked with many big companies in the past, but I don’t think they give this much thought to their employees, so I am fascinated with how InMobi treats their employees”.