The Best of Me- Redefining career paths at InMobi

By Rajesh Sridhar, Lead - People Operations

Ever had the itch to move outside of your comfort zone to try something new at work, something you absolutely knew nothing about? Ever wondered what it would be like if you could try out a role or join a team for 3 months before committing to take it up full time? Ever wondered if people could look beyond your past experience and give you a second chance, you could be good at something totally different.

Watch: Bridge assignments at InMobi

It is said that the essence of a great workplace is in its quality of character and its culture. We at InMobi understand the importance of having a culture that nurtures our employees’ potential to grow, while we grow with them. To serve this purpose we introduced a new program “Live Your Potential” early last year. The true essence behind the “Live Your Potential” initiative is to provide a platform for our people to recognize what they are truly capable of and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

Potential beats Experience

Research tells us that Potential beats experience, yet most organizations are primed to hire for experience. We believe that InMobi can be different, by thinking about Talent differently.

Bias towards InMobians with Potential

How do we manage this? Well, when it comes to providing growth opportunities, we are proud to be biased towards InMobians. We base our selection criteria on our employees’ potential rather than on their experience in the respective field, and invest in the development of their skill set by allowing them to transition at their own pace. InMobians are given the first preference to apply to any new role that opens up at InMobi so that they pursue a career of their choice.

Trust our People

We all have great people in our organizations, who given a chance can grow substantially and can surprise all of us. So the only thing that we need to do is to repose trust and aid them to choose their own professional path. Employees will excel at any role they feel passionate about!

Bridging the skill gap through internal internships

How to bridge the gap in the skill set? For this we designed what are termed “Bridge Opportunities”, to bridge the gap in experience. Here, we provide them the opportunity to take on an assignment with another team of their interest for 3-4 months. An opportunity of this nature provides people with a deeper understanding of the responsibilities required to take on a new role; on the other hand, could also simply be a platform to acquire experience in a new area in the business.

To our surprise, we had 22 InMobians doing bridge assignments across 8 different teams only in Q1! Many who take up this Bridge Opportunity found a greater sense of fulfillment by taking ownership of their own development and charting their own path to success. Many have been surprised to discover a hidden talent that was the key to their success in the new role. Some have even developed a well-rounded understanding of InMobi, and have begun to feel more personally involved in all of our accomplishments.

Chief Scientist at Gallup, Jim Harter, who launched the first “State of the American Workplace” study in 1997, recently revealed that only 3 in 10 U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs. He believes, “To fix this, we need (companies) capable of seeing, supporting, and adjusting to the differences in people. We need those who understand that the more they nurture and support employees, the more success they will produce.”

Get out of your comfort zone!

We all have great potential inside of us, and only we know if we’re living up to it. The punishment for staying in our comfort zone is a lack of passion, and a lack of motivation. Challenging ourselves requires us to live outside our comfort zone because every challenge we overcome is a new strength that we acquire. This is when you truly know that you are Living Your Potential!

Stay true to your core -

Hire for Potential - for the ability to adapt and grow into increasingly complex roles and environments

Grow from within - Provide growth opportunities and have a selection bias for your employees with potential.

Leverage Stretch Assignments - Provide stretch assignments/roles to help employees bridge gaps and discover their passion and potential