Why I loved My First Day at InMobi

By Sunshine Bhandary, Intern @ InMobi

Apprehensive and full of nervous energy, I arrived 30 minutes early for my first day at InMobi. Driving in, I was greeted by a friendly parking sign, which said, “My first day at InMobi!” Gleeful that I had avoided the awkwardness of looking for the right spot to park, I stopped at my designated prime spot.

At the reception area, I was surprised to see my name “in lights” on the TV display; it made me feel like InMobi was a proud parent celebrating a new member in their family. Just as I was about to figure out what was next, I glimpsed at a familiar face, my manager, who led me in to the conference room for the orientation. Thankfully I had ditched my formal clothes for something more comfortable, because all InMobians I saw seemed very easy going and casually dressed. Of course, this coordinated with the homeliness of the office. With a gym, colorful interiors, and no one (including the CEO) separated by High cubicles, the InMobi office looked more like a cool place to hang out.

At the conference room, I was welcomed with my own InMobi goodie backpack! I won’t tell you what was inside because I hate to be a spoiler of surprises. Our Orientation was enjoyable, informal and engaging with an array of videos introducing me to InMobi and its culture. The culture team introduced me to the InMobi values by showing videos of how the company started, making me feel like I was part of the growth of the company.

The orientation presentations about the company’s policies and values, were filled with more “DO’s” than “DON’TS” and enthused me with more ambition than ever before. Or wait, was that the coffee that I sipped at the pantry? Yup, I over did it with the coffee, but to my relief the snack bar (open 24/7) had all the healthy stuff I needed to balance out my overdose!

My day was made at lunchtime, when my buddy came to pick me up and introduce me to the entire team I’d be working with. We all ate lunch together and every one of them went out of their way to be friendly. Little did they know they had saved me from another potentially awkward moment of looking for someone to sit with on my first day. After lunch we headed to my desk - personalized with my very own name on the tag. Truly the icing on the cake! I was left with an unshakable feeling that I belonged here and ready to start my journey as an InMobian.

Tips To Know If You Are A Newbie At InMobi:

*Ditch the formals and wear casual clothes, that way you’ll blend in better.

*Bring your A-Game; everyone here is bursting with energy so make sure you get a good night’s rest before showing up at work.

*Eat your heart out; if you love food, you’ll love the cafeteria here. So don’t stuff yourself at home!

*Be outgoing and don’t be afraid to have a conversation with anyone.

*Everyone here is approachable and easy going so learn as much as you can.