10 Reasons to work at InMobi

If you want to work in a company that is all about being disruptive, InMobi is the place for you. With our flexible practices and enormous benefits, you can do the best work of your life. Here are 10 reasons for you to join the InMobi family!
1. Let every day be the BEST

With benefits such as flexible work hours and auto leave approvals there is no stopping the enormous flow of your creativity. In fact, InMobi believes creativity and imagination are values that InMobians must have.
We have no “dog tags”- No Swiping in when you enter the office!
Please wear only your PJ’s to work!

2. Colourful workplace for colourful innovations

Prepare yourself to witness one of the most colourful work environments the industry has to offer. Enjoy a cup of steaming coffee and have your meetings inside themed glass cubicles.
If you are in a mood to bask in some glamour, the selfie room is the place for you!
The best junior-senior relationship you can get.
Rejuvenate yourself with a 24/7 snack bar where you can get your fill of caffeine and munchies. Here at InMobi, the work environment gives you a chance to do the best work of your life.

3. A culture that completely revolves around YOU

Every single practice and project that is born out of InMobi holds at its core, the values followed here. The four main values we believe every InMobian should follow are: Think Big, Be Positive, Being passionate and Taking Ownership.
You will know you belong here if you have the hunger and need to Think Out Of The Box!

4. Come Join the Tech Super Squad

Along with the colourful work culture you will be able to witness the immense talent that pulses through the company. The founders themselves are IIT graduates and were able to pick up in a market that had no scope initially. We have some of the best techies which was proved from our conquest at the Disrupt tech crunch 2015 where two of our main coders set out to win the prize for their amazing code work. We are a disruptive company and therefore we each have disruptive minds.

5. Approach anyone and everyone, even the Founders!

Our founders believed in the simple motto of follow what you believe.
There are no power structures that are evidently visible at InMobi. We call everyone including our CEO’s by their names. You can approach anyone and everyone on the exec board without thinking twice.
It’s all about communication and conversations to fuel some amazing work!

6. Make sure you get your memo on the innumerable benefits!

When we say benefits we mean it. From a fully equipped Gym, free Yoga classes to a comprehensive insurance plan that covers your entire family, InMobi offers it all to its employees.
With the introduction of our wellness initiative Live Laugh Leap, we introduced 5 different clubs that will serve as a platform for employees to interact and break silos.

7. Get ready to put on some extra pounds

It is said that to make a person happy, you need to start with the stomach. This is one motto we follow endlessly at InMobi. When it comes to our food we take it pretty seriously.
InMobi offers all its employees a delicious spread of wholesome food for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.
From crunchy salads to hot succulent chicken you will find everything here. What’s food without deserts?

8. Get rewarded by bringing your friends to work!

“No one remembers their fifth paycheck but they always remember that first ride on their Royal Enfield bike” is the idea behind these rewards. Employees are given the complete opportunity to refer anyone they find eligible to fit into the positions that are open.
Almost 50% of the positions at InMobi are currently closed by referrals. All you need to do is get your friend on board with us and avail exciting rewards such as a trip to Thailand, an iPhone 6s and much more.

9. Unleash your highest inner potential

InMobi bases its relationship with its employees on trust. Therefore we offer to them a range of benefits and policies that can help them live to their fullest potential. Here at InMobi you are allowed to take up internal internships where you can work with other departments over and above your work. You are then given an opportunity to shift teams completely through the Live Your Potential practice. Every single time a position opens up, it is circulated internally first and only then is sent out.
InMobi believes learning is essential when it comes to work.

With executives around InMobi taking some time off to impart what they have learnt, it's non stop learning for InMobians. It’s all about trying out something new and discovering yourself.

10. It's always raining rewards!

Since we have great talent on board, we believe rewarding and recognizing them is our duty. InMobi has come up with a set of rewards to motivate InMobians to continue with the amazing work they put out.
Our rewards range from small ones such as SpotR where any employee can reward another for their display of a core value of the company.
It goes on to the Emmy’s where InMobians are recognized team wise in different quarters to pick out the best performers.

When we celebrate, we make sure we go all out. When we reward we make sure we reward right. And when we recognize we make sure we recognize every single one of our employees who work day in and day out to produce some amazing work!

Come join us and do the best work of your life!