7 Reasons to join the Tech Squad at InMobi

You know you were born to join the world of tech if you: Love problem solving, are a sucker for just one language- Binary, and you don’t mind spending hours in front of your computer.There is always a need for the best techies around the world. But to perform their best, they need an environment that can bring out their truest potential.

If InMobi can be looked at as a pyramid, technology lies at the base. Along with being heavily business centric, InMobi has a key technology focus. Engineering is all about learning as you go. With the environment InMobi creates, coding is something you will love.
Here are 7 reasons why you should join our Uber Cool Tech Squad

1. Only the latest technology, the rest is out!

We are done with the regular old boring codes and we work only with the best the tech industry has in store. Starting from Hadoop till Jenkins, we have it all. Get ready to pull up your sleeves and get coding! Welcome to the New Tech World.

2. Bask in the Open Source Culture

Here at InMobi we believe in working with the best equipment to produce something that can be given back to the community. InMobi has been an active contributor to the open source community. InMobi has several Apache committers and contributors who have actively contributed to Apache, Hadoop, Oozie and Falcon. We have also created our own open source technology: Apache lens which is being used by Flipkart and Myntra. You get to be a part of something better, something game changing. With such a practice, you get to develop and make your own syntax rather than work with pre-existing structures.

3. We love our entrepreneurs

InMobi being a start-up, believes in helping young budding minds to do the best they can by giving back. When InMobians hit their Eureka moment, InMobi makes sure it’s there with them throughout the process. The Nudge foundation and Do Select are some of the companies that have budded out of InMobi. Not only are they funded by the company but are also given office space, wi-fi and are allowed to access any of the amenities that regular InMobians are subject to. If you want to try something new, build your own platform, InMobi gives you that chance to live your dream without thinking twice.

4. The best Tech Team in the Hood stands waiting for you

When you ask around about InMobi, you will constantly hear about the amazing people working here. Come work with some of the best minds technology has to offer. Our foundation begins with some of the best techies from companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. With experienced people on the field, we bring in a fresh perspective with young minds with an enormous passion for coding who can look at things with a new perspective. The best part about joining the tech team here is that you get to learn something new. You learn not just from your seniors, but you learn from your peers too.

5. We break the Rigid structures

Have you ever faced frustration where you apply for a ticket and have to wait days and sometimes even months to get it approved? Well, here at InMobi there is absolutely no waiting. If you love problem-solving and solving dependencies, all you need to do is walk up to anyone and strike a conversation. We work on the basis of sprints that go on from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the team you are working for. All you can catch out of this is that you don’t have any boundaries when it comes to exploring. Go ahead and work on the projects you choose. Fix your own schedule when it comes to work.

6. Step out of your comfort zone

There would have been that one moment in your life when you wanted to try something new. InMobi gives you the opportunity to take up internships inside the company over and above your regular work. If you love to explore and are a risk taker don’t forget to try our Bridge opportunities. When Engineers become too devoted to just coding, they miss out on work other fields have to offer. InMobi offers you the chance to Live your truest potential.

7. Work hard, work fast

InMobi believes in the simple idea of freedom with responsibility. Due to the fast-paced growth of the company, there are many projects that keep popping up. If you are fed up of the slow paced nature of projects moving, be ready to witness a complete change. The rapid delivery pace gives you the chance to take ownership without being asked. And the best part of it all, is that InMobi makes sure the best is recognized. With a range of internal rewards, getting a cash prize and an award couldn’t get any easier.