Drink Kart Fridays @ InMobi

Great Practices we love at InMobi

Being a mobile advertising start-up, InMobi is growing at a rapid pace requiring its employees to push to their highest potential. We believe in the philosophy of Thinking Big and Being Fanatically Driven. InMobians therefore perform 10X. With the work load you might find it hard to find a fine closure between your work time and You time. With all the hassle that goes into the work pushed out every day, there comes a dire need for a ray of sunshine.

Research proves that if people are having fun, they perform better, work harder and stay longer and form a lasting bond with the organization. We at InMobi work hard when the time calls but we know when to sit back and have some fun too. We make sure InMobians are given the chance to let their hair down and kick-start their weekend early.

With live food counters serving up some lip smacking treats and a whipped up drink, you are all set for a relaxing weekend.
We at InMobi believe in the motto of work hard and party harder!

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