Celebrating 5 year Anniversaries the InMobi way!

There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistence. - Michelle Obama

Our People are our Culture. And our culture is our competitive advantage. It is the high positive outcomes of InMobians every day at work that makes InMobi what it is.

And sometimes, we come across major milestones in their journey, where we take a brief pause and celebrate and capture the moment.

We’re a young company, just 10 years young. So when an InMobians completes 5 years at InMobi, it is a major milestone in their lives and for InMobi too.

It’s not an event to forget. It’s an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.

Just imagine how you’d feel if the people you work with completely forgot to wish you on your work anniversary? How could someone forget? Wasn’t this the same folks who made your Day 1 amazing and now after all these years they forget about your special day!

That’s why at InMobi we want InMobian’s to feel even more special every time they reach a major milestone.

Fun Fun Fun!

InMobi goes all out to thank an InMobian for their hard work and dedication. The day is made super fun and special with videos, words, thoughts, and images that express gratitude. With the team involved in co-celebrating the event, the evening is super exciting and it’s an awesome feeling to hear your friends at work talk about your achievements and their experiences with you. A cake to make the day sweeter, champagne to celebrate the evening and a goodie basket to share with your family. Just our way of saying a small Thank you!

Culture of appreciation

The most important element of our culture is our people. InMobians who’ve completed five years are the torchbearers who have helped shaped our culture, so we have the entire office along with our founders joining in to celebrate their five spectacular years at InMobi. The celebration is inclusive and we ensure that our awesome InMobian is appreciated globally as well, with a special communication sent to InMobians world-wide who never miss out on the opportunity to thank and congratulate them!!

It’s time for a renewal!

A work anniversary at InMobi is a time for the celebrated InMobian to think with joy and positive emotion about the time spent with InMobi. It’s also a perfect time to renew their commitment, feel recognised and appreciate and take in the moment at this significant milestone.

Sunday Brunch with the Founders

If a whole day of surprises was not enough, our veterans and their spouse are invited to the founders’ home for an amazing homely Sunday brunch! It’s a lovely opportunity to celebrate the moment.

Why I love working here!

InMobi has given me the freedom to work in multiple roles over the past 5 years. This definitely wouldn’t have happened anywhere else! - Jayashree Merwade

We encourage InMobians to love what they do their best work every day and to celebrate their memories, accomplishments and milestones along the way. It goes without saying that we thank them for doing their best work at InMobi and giving InMobi and their fellow InMobians their all.