Independence 2017 @ InMobi

Freedom is never dear at any price.
It is a breath of life.
What would a man not pay for living?
-Mahatma Gandhi

As we enter the 71st year of our Nation’s Independence, at InMobi, we decided to celebrate our true patriotic spirit!

We have hearts that are brimming with the spirit of patriotism but rarely do we get an opportunity to showcase our emotions in an enthralling heartfelt manner in times of peace.
That’s why at InMobi we indulge in activities dedicated to the day like dressing up in the tri color as a mark of respect to our nation’s freedom fighters.
We also follow a tradition of thanking our Service staff who work relentlessly in the background with responsibility and integrity to make our lives at work easier.

A special lunch is organized every year where InMobian’s serve food to the service staff to thank them personally for all their hard work!

The joy you can see on their face is truly heartfelt!

This time around for the first time ever there was also a special performance by the service staff.
It was simply wonderful to see their stellar performances and most of all see them thoroughly enjoy themselves!

Let’s keep up the spirit and feel proud to be an Indian.

Happy Independence Day!