InMobi Roots

Plants are a vital part of our environment. The mere presence of plants around us adds the serenity and beauty which is juxtaposed to the loud and stress generating work environment. How refreshed would you feel as you take a peek at your money plant on your desk as you complete tasks on your checklist?

Along with reducing stress levels, plants are also known for various other benefits such as keeping the air clean, making the work space comfortable, heals through the air and most of all, increases the productivity.

InMobi’s ever enthusiastic admin team is always set out to get the best for InMobians. Along with plants that are kept around the office, InMobians have their own little money plant on their desks. They are given responsibility for it and can even add to their desk collection if they want to!

Shyni Kuttapa, head of admin at InMobi and a plant fanatic believes “Plants help you focus and keep you calm! That is probably why I always keep smiling”.There are always new pots brought in to bring in some change. If you are a plant lover, this is the place to be!