How InMobi turned completely Gender Neutral!

InMobi is known to create and promote meaningful yet disruptive people practices.

Be it in the manner in which we approve leaves (auto-approval), or how we manage performance reviews or even the culture and values we promote, we’ve always stood for something timeless and right before trying to be innovative or think out of the box.

In 2017, InMobi has launched some stellar programs on gender neutrality that will be a turning stone for the rest of the industry.

Gender Neutrality is the way to go!

Some employees grapple with the dilemma of defining their identity when it comes to claiming an insurance plan or any other benefit from their company. When it comes to ticking your gender or your marital status, you are always left a little perplexed when you don’t fit the two categories that have been put in front of you.

We embraced change in our Job descriptions to promote gender neutrality. We showcased and celebrated our women leaders. But we were still searching for something - how could we create a and support a Gender Neutral workplace?

Revamping Benefits at InMobi

The world is changing to a place where shackles and barriers are constantly breaking. The LGBT community, an area that was left shushed, is now surfacing as a major area of change. With winds of change on the horizon, we’ve long ago pledged to become an inclusive organisation - do away with gender or marital status defining processes. We wanted to offer our employees plans that will not be based on particular set identities for them to claim a basic necessity like insurance.

             Gender Neutral Job Descriptions (text)


In a country like India, we have a closeted LGBT community that has lately begun voicing their opinions and claiming their rights in society. The government has made the carnal act between the same gender illegal. But it’s not illegal for companies to offer benefits to employees or treat employees fairly and equally as long as it is not an act of abetting an illegal act. And so there has been massive support from some companies to support their employees in every way possible.

At InMobi, we support freedom with integrity and responsibility and give our employees the freedom to practice what they believe in. Their beliefs should not be a defining factor for the kind of benefits they are eligible for, benefits which a company typically offers to an employee because of their hard work and dedication.

So we set out on our journey to become a completely inclusive organisation, we turned to an area that is boring and not many think can change - Insurance.

From changing our insurance program’s offerings to the interface of our portal, we made sure there was absolute gender neutrality in our benefits offering.

Previously employees had to define their gender based on male, female and their marital status as married/unmarried to claim an insurance.
Now InMobians can claim insurance for their partner irrespective of their marital status or gender.
The portal online has also become more user-friendly as it now includes new options for gender and marital status.

We wanted to create an insurance plan that stays true to the culture we follow at InMobi and that is exactly what we achieved.
We believe that InMobians should be given the option to opt for an insurance for their partners even if their status does not say they are officially married.
Another thing that should not be a factor for insurance claim is your gender.
We believe that InMobians have the freedom to opt for an insurance if they want to and something like a gender/marital status should not keep them from claiming an insurance.

    This was the new mailer we rolled out at our offices

Parental Leave

When it comes to something as special and important as becoming a parent, we believe InMobians should be able to take the time out to spend some time with their little one.

There was a distinct leave definition for maternal and paternal leave which laid emphasis on the particular gender of the parent.

Now we have done away with maternity and paternity leave and have come up with an umbrella term- Parental leave. We wanted to focus on the role of a caregiver rather than individual gender roles.

We have made ourselves more inclusive! Have you?