It is official! InMobi declared India’s Top 100 Best Companies To Work For 2016

After a long and exciting process of submitting all our stellar People and Culture practices, InMobians giving in their thoughts and filling out the Best Companies to Work survey, we have achieved what we dreamed to.

In association with Economic Times, Great Places to Work has recognised InMobi for three spectacular achievements:
  • Top 100 Best Companies To Work for 2016,
  • Rank 2 in Our Industry and
  • Rank 2 in the Best Companies in Workplace Culture Transformation for 2016.

Each and every InMobian has helped InMobi earn these awards. With their cooperation to strive to make InMobi a better place to work, there is no stopping us! InMobi as a startup has seen many rapid changes in its workplace and its people. In the end we strive to be great and we will make sure we are the best place to work!

Here are some of our great practices that we submitted to the Great Place To Work Institute:

Leave it, Its Approved- Auto Leave Approvals

Its hard to deny that we don't love this practice here at InMobi.

There is no strenuous procedure to get your leaves in advance. We hoped to give InMobians the chance to feel less suffocated with paper work when it comes to taking Their day off. Any leaves InMobians want to take are auto approved 6 days before they want to take the leave. We as InMobians believe in our core value of freedom with responsibility and therefore trust each and every employee to make the right decision. We also felt that transferring power from the manager to the employee evokes trust. Therefore auto approving their leaves makes them feel proud to work in a company like InMobi and they feel valued at the same time.

Moms get to be moms and Dads get to be Dads- Maternity and Paternity Leave

Moms love InMobi. We want to make sure that all new moms spend quality time with their newborn baby, without worrying about the work. We value their commitment towards InMobi and would like them to have a seamless transition into their new role of a working mother. New mothers can avail upto 4 months of full paid time off! They can also enjoy extra leave perks to make sure they give their babies enough time and attention thereby being able to perform the best when they are back!

Who said fathers aren’t necessary when it comes to taking care of a New born baby. Here at InMobi we give equal importance to dads as we do to moms! With the arrival a new bundle of joy at home we offer a paternity leave of upto two weeks to new Fathers. New fathers can opt for additional unpaid time off in accordance with the sabbatical guideline.

I work with the best colleagues I know! - InMobi’s extraordinary referral program

“No one remembers their fifth pay check, but everyone remembers the trip they made to Hawaii or the bike they won in a raffle.”

When people receive cash they generally think many a times before investing in a vacation or buying those expensive noise cancelling headphones. But with our referral program, experiences were given to successful referrers as options and from choosing their favourite bicycles to going on a trip to Kashmir, InMobians could decide their vacation.

This is what motivated us to give InMobians rewards in the form of products and experiences rather than cash. This is a practice that we ourselves are extremely proud of and were not afraid to share with the world. There was an article featured on LinkedIn with the way referral rewards work at InMobi.

We had Alaskhit Tripathi (Assistant Sales Manager at InMobi), who referred six people to claim his Royal Enfield as a prize and was a star on our social networking sites. We circulated an e-catalogue with the various rewards that come under each category along with our policies. We also believe that this will help in building our employer brand as our employees are our talent scouts. We believe that if we have 900+ talent scouts, we will definitely get the best talent.

Live Your Potential - Do the best work of your life at InMobi! - InMobi’s Talent philosophy in action.

As per the Live Your Potential philosophy, all open job opportunities at InMobi are shared with all InMobians on an Internal Job Board on our Greenhouse platform. These are updated as and when a new role is open for hiring. All InMobians who have spent 12 months in their current role are free to apply on the portal.
People need something new in their lives, something exciting and challenging to be happy with the work they are putting up and doing. Have you ever felt that the current position and team you are in is not the right one for you and you want to try something new?

  • InMobians are given the opportunity of applying to new roles within the company with different teams to give them the opportunity to live their fullest potential here.
  • We believe that each individual is different and will have different expectations and to help them meet those expectations is what we aim to do!
  • Over the past year 25% of roles at InMobi have been filled internally through LYP.
  • We had several employees shift from teams such as Sales to Strategy to Finance and much more and are right now doing extremely well and are happy at work.
  • Jayashree Merwade (senior manager, human resources) is a stellar example of LYP, she moved from Marketplace team to the Business Operations team and is currently leading Benefits Communication as part of Human Resources. In most companies, such movements are frowned upon and not supported - that’s not the case at InMobi! Here, such movements are celebrated.

Wellness Mantra @ InMobi- Live Laugh Leap

We at InMobi have ensured we give some extra devotion to maintaining our employees wellness quotient along with their amazing performance at work. Studies show that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important in order to feel happy at a work place. Therefore we introduces 5 awesome wellness clubs. Have you signed up with any one of them?

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