The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Induction

Induction is a milestone in any employee’s life that plays a huge role in defining the baseline of their journey with the company.

Like every organization, we were unable to pay the attention we aimed for in our induction and onboarding process despite our best efforts. But when we realized that we onboard ~30% of our total employee strength every year, we realized we were missing a significant design opportunity for welcoming employees and resetting their experience of working with their new workplace.

So we decided to launch Induction 2.0 at InMobi and it’s been a wow experience for the team designing it and the hundreds of Newbians experiencing it!

Here’s how we started.

At InMobi, we believe every InMobian across the globe is a quintessential part of one big family. And every organization needs a connector across regions, offices and teams. For InMobi, that connector is our culture. InMobi has believed in always practicing a “People First” culture that has imbibed and amplified core values.

We always communicate the core values to InMobian from their very first day with us.

Here are the 15 things that we redesigned by researching the current experience, the ability to sustain the new experience and the focus on a positive experience every time. Always.

1. Rebranding our induction program : Welcome “Newbians”

We began the process of revamping our induction by rebranding the entire experience. From the first mail that is sent to them by the TA team to their buddy connect, everything got a new name, a new outlook and a design centered expectation of what it would result in and the kind of experience and emotion it would create.

What’s Newbian?

A term coined to give our new joinees the extra special feeling but to particularly ensure that everyone on the floor knows that we have a new family member! An origami bird hanging on top of the Newbian’s desk went to act as an identification.

The important touch points of the experience to create positive emotion.

2. Global welcome

What we aim to do at InMobi, is give our Newbian an entirely global induction experience. Starting with welcoming our new employees by proudly displaying their name at the Reception for everyone to see!

3. Swag

After a quick distribution of InMobi bags and goodies, all the Newbians are taken in for a day long induction that takes them through each and every aspect of InMobi.

4. Buddy

We understand that when you're new, just having a well equipped buddy solves half the problem of getting around things. Each Newbian is given a buddy who takes them around and also introduces them to the entire time.

5. Lunch + Office tour

During this process we also ensure that the Newbian is given a tour of the entire office and has a yummy lunch with their team at the cafeteria.

6. Simple and Short snackable sessions

While an induction mainly focuses on all the various aspects of the company and is something that is common to every new batch of InMobians. It still is very important to keep it savvy and up to date with changing trends and the changes that have taken place at InMobi.

7. Freshhhh content

To do so we changed our slides to represent a fresher and more themed set of data. PDF’s were the best way to ensure clear understanding and also it gave us the option of sharing the entire deck with our Newbians so that they can look it up when they want.
Having too much information kills the essence of what we want to convey, and bored Newbians is something we dread. So we’ve kept our slides crisp and neat covering all the essential details.

8. Exposure to Leaders

Who presents matters! At InMobi we ensure that our top seasoned leaders conduct the induction sessions on Culture, Business overview, Finance, Talent Acquisition, IT and Springboard for our Newbians, giving them a crystalline understanding of every topic.

That’s not all folks!

9. Quirky welcome pics

An induction tradition at InMobi is taking quirky pictures of our Newbians with funky props and banners that are signed by an exec and given to them on their first day, something they can flaunt on their desks forever.

10. Newbian mail

At InMobi a Newbian is welcomed by the entire team by sending out a mail with a picture and a lovely introduction of their wonderful talents and experiences.

11. The Scavenger Hunt

A new introduction to our Induction process is the all time favorite scavenger hunt that gets our Newbians running about the office, ticking out tasks on their list. It is a truly fun experience that works in familiarizing the office and InMobians to our Newbians.

12. Connecting over coffee!

At InMobi we believe that every Newbian must get an opportunity to catch up with our founders and ask them their innumerous questions, or just have simple casual conversations. The reason we introduced this session is to provide new InMobians an experience of the positive, free and entrepreneurial cultural environment that we aim to provide to all at InMobi.

13. One stop for everything Culture

Startup.inmobi is our platform to let our Newbies know about every cultural aspect at InMobi. It captures all the events, and happenings and talents of our fellow InMobians and showcases it to the world. The link to this is sent to all Newbians so that they can have a rush of the culture that we celebrate at InMobi.

14. Making it the best there is everytime...Always.

At InMobi we believe that feedback is the breakfast of champions and so no induction is complete without obtaining a full fledged feedback about each session from our Newbians. We make sure we collect this feedback and use it improve each consecutive induction experience.

15. Nudges to sustain the experience every time a Newbian joins us

A journey started at InMobi, is a journey for life. And so keep this spirit of InMobianforLife, we ensure that the TA team connects back with their recruits and ensures that they have comfortably settled into InMobi. They also have timely nudges or rather catch ups over coffee or lunch to make life at InMobi the best there is.

At the end of the day, it is these captivating experiences that hold our people together and make us OneInMobi.