New at InMobi : Gender Neutral Paid Parental Leave

Moving away from traditional thinking

InMobi is committed to building a gender neutral and inclusive workplace that encourages sharing of care giving responsibilities.

For any new parent, managing work while caring for their newborn can be a delicate balancing act. We believe that every parent at InMobi, regardless of their gender or marital status should be able to spend quality time with their little one, without worrying about the business as usual at InMobi.

Our new Gender Neutral Paid Parental Leave aims to do just this!

Our new parental leave guidelines are centered around the caregiver's responsibility, rather than the gender of the caregiver. This means moving away from the traditional terms of ‘Maternity’ and ‘Paternity’ and unifying this under one umbrella of ‘Parental Leave’.

Traditionally, mothers have been expected to adopt the role of the primary caregiver and this expectation is reinforced by societal norms and culture.
However more and more new-age fathers are assuming the role of primary caregiver and are actively seeking quality time with their newborn. This shift in gender roles in caregiving has gathered momentum and this trend is expected to grow over the next few years.

Revolutionizing Parental Leave

Our new parental leave guidelines enable the Primary Caregiver (be it mothers, fathers, adoptive parents or same-sex partners) to :

Avail upto 7 months of Flexi Parental Leave.

This includes 26 weeks of paid leave after the birth, adoption, or the surrogate birth of a baby.

Parents can also avail an additional 4 weeks of flexi time, where they can choose to work part time/ full time, with the advantage of working from home.

The Secondary caregiver can avail upto 2 weeks of paid time off within the first 6 months following the birth or adoption of the child.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

In recent times, a few progressive companies have taken the concept of parental leave a notch higher by being more inclusive.
Both mothers and fathers together play an important role in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of their children.
Research shows that fathers are now taking time off to help their working partners get back to their jobs, making it easier for women to get back on the work force, leading to a decrease in attrition rates.

As former US President Barack Obama said, “Family leave, childcare, flexibility, - these aren’t frills. They’re basic needs. They shouldn’t be bonuses- they should be the bottom line.”

At InMobi we aim to provide the same benefits through our new parental leave guidelines, that provides benefits to InMobi parents, children and the business.

A better Transition into Parenthood

There is more good news when parents return from their parental leave. Through InMobi’s corporate tie-up with a premium child day care service provider, all parents at InMobi can avail exclusive discounts on daycare fees and preferential seats throughout the year across all provider centers within India.

Happy Parents, Happy workplace

At InMobi our continuous success is attributed to attracting and retaining the most talented individuals.
In the end it is our people's well being and happiness that powers our business!