Nicolai Nazareth - The Ultimate Frisbee guy!

The play helps me work and the work helps me play!

Here's a glimpse of Nicolai Nazareth's Ultimate world!

1) What is Ultimate Frisbee why is it so different?

Ultimate Frisbee (technically called just "Ultimate" ) has many things about it that makes it unique, but there are two specific aspects that I personally find make it a very distinguishable sport.

First is that it's one of the few mixed gender field sports that I've come across. Even at the international level and at the World Championship, the mixed division is the most popular. Seeing girls and guys compete on the same field at the same level is very inspiring, and is a huge step forward as far as gender equality goes. I feel it's a massive breakthrough tool in bringing about a gender equality mindset in individuals. It's even being used by several NGO's in underdeveloped areas to keep kids in school and foster healthy mindsets among all kids.

The second most distinguishing feature about it is the aspect called "The Spirit of the Game". One of the most fundamental pillars on which this sport is built is the "spirit". The sport is self-refereed, meaning if ever there is a foul called, it's sorted out in a respectful and amicable manner between the two players who were involved. In this sport players are encouraged to be as intense and competitive as possible but they should never let that compromise the safety or respect of another player. This, according to me, is an amazing outlook to adopt with respect to resolving issues, be it on the field or in life.

It's these two aspects that make Ultimate more than just a sport with me. It has potential to bring about massive social change and stimulate people towards personal growth!

2) What drew you take up ultimate Frisbee as a sport?

Before I started with Ultimate, I played football every now and then. While I wasn't very regular or even very good, I had a huge sense of ego attached to my personal image on the field. I was unnecessarily aggressive and competitive to a fault. But in Ultimate it's really quite mind boggling to see the levels of athleticism and competitiveness that is shown on the field, while simultaneously being respected and showing respect for each other as human beings. There have been several instances, in competitive tournaments where I was given advice on how to correct a throw or make a better run by my opponents, in the middle of the game!
It's a hard feeling to describe when the person who is giving it their all to beat you still takes the time to help you out and better your game. Some may call a gesture like that counterproductive, I call it nothing short of inspiring!
3) How do you manage to balance both work and play?

Striking a balance between work and play is not all that difficult, and being this passionate and obsessive about the game only helps that. Playing a game early in the morning invigorates and energizes me for the rest of the day, and it helps me work. Work, with its flexible hours, helps accommodate my games and ensure that I'm quite regular with it. Even the leave policy is very helpful when I need to go for multiple day tournaments. So I don't think of it as balancing out but more of how the two merge and integrate with one another.
The play helps me work and the work helps me play!

Here's a glimpse of Nicolai's trick shot!

4) What's your ultimate cheat sheet?

While I would consider myself a fitness enthusiast I don't think I really restrict myself and follow a schedule all that strictly. I do try eating healthy and getting regular exercise but there are a few times in every week that I break those rules. I think these little moments of cheating just help you relax, just as long as you keep it in check and make sure it doesn't happen too often. According to me scheduling a specific cheat day isn't going to work because it's still very restricting and counter productive to a moment of relaxation. I also think it's really important to just listen to your body, it's constantly telling you what it needs, that’s what cravings are. Some days you may just need a few extra carbs or a few extra hours of sleep!
5) What would you like to tell everyone out there who would like to take up sports more seriously?

Just start, and as soon as possible!

It's never too late, but the sooner the better. As time flies by it gets harder and harder to get physically active, and not just because you physically will find it more challenging but because mentally it gets harder to start something new as you get older. I can promise you that once you get regular about it, you'll consider it to be one of the best decisions of your life.