On the verge of a revolution!

We, at InMobi, are super excited!
You ask why? Because, we are about to revolutionize our big data platform!

Here’s how we are going to take the world of big data by storm!

Behind every successful business, there is a powerful data engine. At InMobi, we always had a solid data platform. But then, so does every other business. We want our business to fly, not just be successful! And this can only be done by providing novel actionable insights and beneficial inferences.
Such a potent engine can help our businesses achieve supersonic speed.

What are we going to do differently?

Well, just about everything!! Ability to query data, analyse and put up pretty dashboards is passe.

Imagine a world, where data speaks to you, a world where intriguing, insightful and baffling data patterns just pop up.
Obviously in such a world you wouldn’t be doing the same things you did before.
You would shift gears and make better business decisions faster! Further, you would put your machines to better use, by letting them make the decisions for you. That is precisely what we have embarked on.

We are building a platform that will make machine learning simple and make machine decisioning the fiber of InMobi.
The platform will empower InMobi to build models, machine learned or otherwise, flight them in production with the click of a button and be able to measure business impact.

Some of the things that we are building out are:

  • Rich data catalog that provides not just schema information and description, but a catalog that will also expose statistics, correlations and inferences that weren’t obvious before.
  • Any model is as good as the data it is trained on. So, we're making sure data quality and hygiene are innate to our systems.
  • Model development, training at scale and deployment will be so easy that you would think you are commanding a genie. For model development, we will support frameworks/implementations such as R, Spark MLlib, tensor flow etc., so model developers can use a framework/library of their comfort.
  • Evaluation framework that will provide real-time feedback on whether a model is meeting its business objective, so that traffic can be routed or scaled up/down or even distributed differently across a bevy of models. And, all of this using AI agents, with very little human interference.

We are putting down crazy, whacky ideas to make this happen!
We have a challenging journey ahead of us, but then, supersonic speed can’t be achieved by cruising on smooth roads. So, we are ditching the road and taking to the skies!
InMobi is India's second profitable unicorn. As a product-driven technology company, we build outstanding products that impact over a billion users every day. We are an infectious bunch who are constantly thinking out of the box and pushing each other to achieve the impossible!

We provide over 1.5 billion mobile users with relevant advertisements that enable meaningful decisions. We display 8 billion advertisements daily. That's 1 advertisement for every person in the world - And we're working on taking this number to more than 1 for every person that's ever walked the earth!

So, if you think you have it in you to come aboard InMobi’s super cool data platform team, then wait no more!