Pallavi Bhargava - InMobi’s Picasso!

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life - Pablo Picasso"

A Graphic Designer at work and an Artist for life, Pallavi Bhargava of InMobi has managed to blur the lines between Work and Passion!

Here is a glimpse into her world as we get up-close and personal.

1)What inspired you to set out on a journey in Art?

Going back in time, to my high school days,my parents indulged in art classes and vacations full of colours. Later on I went to a boarding school where I had the good fortune to be “Discovered” by my art teacher and from there my real journey began as an artist.

While in junior college, career choices were a big question, I thought of combining my passion for art and creativity and so I pursued a bachelor's degree from Symbiosis design school that honed my creativity and graphic designing became my main focus.

Towards the end of my college days, I was enlightened by the magical world of digital art and I found that graphic designing was my true calling. I entered the professional world as a graphic designer but continued to pursue fine arts in my spare time. Since then, it has been a part of my life and something I do on a daily basis apart from my job.

I started exploring various means to take up art as a second profession and the constant support and encouragement from my loved ones never let me rest till I actually starting doing something about it.

I love the thought, that art will always be a part of me and as a second profession it opens the door for endless possibilities and opportunities.

2)What is the inspiration behind your work?

That is a difficult question. Who knows how the heart and the mind works? I guess the inherent desire to please others, was my first motive and now I realize that it still remains at the top of my list !

As a child, my doodling and coloring, made my family get me into art classes. Ever since then I started honing my art skills that resulted in some projects which brought immense pleasure to my family and subsequently, lots of encouragement for me. I guess that was my first inspiration.

Funnily, over the years my work started to define me and I was encouraged a lot to pursue art with more vigor. That was my second level of inspiration. It got my creative juices flowing and became quiet serious about my work.

Later, I started sharing my work on social media, the love and recognition from people across the world started motivating me. Discovering the work of other artists contributed to my inspiration and concepts that I use in my work. Growing up, traveling and life experiences, have all deeply inspired me and truly define the way I put across my thoughts and ideas through art.

3) Has your work been impacted by taking art more seriously?

Not at all! I must say it has actually helped me do better at work.
My love for art has given the opportunity to design various rooms at the office, and given me a chance to work with different creative teams during the organizing and executing of various events of the company.

4)How has InMobi supported your passion?

Oh, I am very thankful that I got my first placement at InMobi. Raw and inexperienced, right out of design school, was an eye opener for me. I now had to put my creativity to practical use and apply it in my work field.

The most important thing for me is that I must feel good about my work. The people, the culture and the ambiance around me at Inmobi, contributed hugely towards this end. I feel lucky that I work in a company like InMobi, and in an environment where your passion and your work match and also get recognized by your peers.

Completing almost three years at InMobi, I realize that I am in a workplace which values the individuality of its employees as well as supports and encourages them to excel in all fields.

Catch a glimpse of her art work here!