Prateek Arora - His journey as an Inventor

The Head of Brand Delivery at work but an Inventor for Life!

Congratulations Prateek!

Prateek’s passion and dedication got him to successfully get his invention of the Scalable DeDuplication System and Method patented by the USPTO.

Just another day at the office for him! But an amazing feat of unlocking human potential and succeeding at it. Just the kind of perseverance, positivity, and passion that’s celebrated at InMobi.

Here’s a glimpse of Prateek’s journey of becoming an Inventor:

Prateek says, “It is not who you are or where you are from that matters. It is what you can do and how you capitalize an opportunity that matters. Many people make it in the software industry, or for that matter any industry, and claim to innovate. Only a few invent something new.”

His journey of becoming an inventor started in the December of 2006 when he got a call from Guidance Software for the role of a Software Developer. And for the next 8 years, his tireless efforts reaped the most incomparable feeling!

He says, “It motivates me every day in any work I do, whether big or small, and the lessons that I learned are for life! So if I can do it, so can you!”

His blog on 5 powerful lessons is a must-read for every aspiring inventor!

Here’s the link to view the patent.