Scavenger Hunt @ InMobi!

Here at InMobi, we believe in challenging InMobians with technology's toughest problems. But at the same time, we make sure they are pushed to their limits as they compete in our annual scavenger hunt!

InMobians were asked to put together the best team of 10-15 enthusiastic scavengers and prepare to set out for the tasks put forth. They were given a list of 55 items that ranged from a key chain to a brick. Their task was to put together as many as they could in 15 minutes! RUN!

It was a roller coaster of mixed emotions as they scrambled to grab these items by hook or crook. And there emerged our winners! "Peace Hai" managed to scoop in a whopping 40 items and were declared winners of InMobi's Scavenger hunt 2016!

Along with adding a fun quotient to the day, this activity broke silos that were built between teams and helped them work together and challenge each other.

If you are looking for one serious competition, come join our scavenger hunt!