Startup Safari @ InMobi

Morning blues were swept away as a new kind of energy pulsed across the HQ, here in Bangalore.

Young, budding entrepreneurs from South Africa were taken on an unraveling Safari to witness the journey of various Indian Start-ups. Apoorv Bamba and Vidushi Malhotra of Startup Safari curate interesting programs that enable young entrepreneurs from all over the world to get a feel of the Indian Startup Revolution.

Startup Safari is a travel immersion program that connects global entrepreneurial talent to the fastest growing startup ecosystems. Their mission is to foster cross-border mentorship, collaboration, and investment and build a seamless platform for entrepreneurs and startups to scale and grow across economies. (

Kevin Freitas, HR Director at InMobi, stood in as facilitator and mentor. These young minds were taken down memory lane of InMobi’s life story, its success, and failures as it became one of India’s leading Unicorns. There were interactions with InMobians across the floor and Q&A sessions which in turn inspired them to create their own success stories.

Here are a few thoughts the delegates had to share about the session:

"It was inspiring to engage with the culture and organization values at InMobi. It truly opened up my sense of workplace awareness and ambition."

"The interaction with Kevin at InMobi helped us understand the beautiful growth story of an Indian startup and also the importance of keeping up with changing times."

"I am so motivated to cultivate a similar value system as InMobi at my future startup offices and create great experiences not only for our customers but also for our employees."

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