Stress Busting @ InMobi

In a regular day at work, how stressed do you get?

ARAA conducted a survey on stress and anxiety in workplaces and the results are overwhelming. Around 72% of individuals in a work place have daily stress and anxiety and admit that it affects their lives not just at work but back at home too.

So we at InMobi decided to turn things around. After introducing a range of wellness initiatives, we decided to try out something new which would include the least amount of effort for maximum results.

Meditating your way to good health

InMobi now allocates time slots for InMobians to bunch up and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating session of meditation together. We believe Individuals can put out their best at work and at home only when they are bringing out their A game which they can achieve when they are at the peak of good mental health.

Here is a glimpse of our meditation session at InMobi's HQ!

Come join InMobi, do the best work of your life!