The Human Dog Interaction Project @ InMobi

How we took the four-legged leap to a stress busting environment!

In an atmosphere where employees are required to punch 10X every single day, stress is an unwanted guest that tags along.

Along with launching various wellness projects, we started thinking, why not target the immediate stress busters along with relatively long campaigns? This is when we got to do some research.

A quirky fact that we ran across was that pets in general help in lowering stress levels at work! Since we are already a pet friendly organization, we decided to take an extra step in terms of making our employees learn how to be pet-friendly too.

Bringing on board the #humandoginteractionproject

The idea behind this project is to improve interactions and relationships between humans and dogs. They follow three simple mantras:

  • Generate Awareness
  • Understanding Compassion
  • Learning how to Co-Exist

We had Rajeshwari, a professional trainer on board along with Susie, her beautiful Labrador to bring in the enthusiasm for a pet loving environment.

Their main focus was to help people overcome the fear of dogs, educate people on how to have safe interaction with dogs and how to prevent a dog bite and also to build compassion with dogs.

The results were amazing! We had people touch a dog for the first time in their lives. As Rajeshwari guided them on how to approach a dog, Susie was more than ready to wait patiently for them to get comfortable with her.

The entire office was buzzing with "awws" and laughter as Susie showed off her little tricks.

This was an interaction InMobians will always look forward to!

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