The Numerous Talented Shutterbugs at InMobi

The InMobi HQ is known for its quirky and colorful workspace. But what makes InMobi unique is the fact that we try to incorporate a little bit of every InMobian’s experience outside of InMobi.

What better way to do it than to dedicate an entire wall to the experiences captured by our InMobians. We believe in always making our ideas more colourful and interesting, so we decided to capture the views of InMobians through a Photography contest in April 2017.

The contest was open to everyone and believe it or not we got the most amazing clicks ever!
The photographs were so stunning that we got Sandeep Dutta an external expert to help us decide the winners!

Colours everywhere!

The principal idea behind the contest was to celebrate the individual filters and diversity of beauty that InMobians experience everyday, on trips, inside InMobi and outside of InMobi. This gives an opportunity for colleagues to learn about the road trip that led to an amazing picture or experience. It allows the display of individual personality and brings forth a richness of perspective and views that can be appreciated and respected by all InMobians. It also creates opportunities for great conversation starters at meetings.With pictures from corners of the world, we are making InMobi a colourfully great and diverse place to work in, where our people can bring their whole self to work.

The world through a lens

It’s always simply breathtaking to see the world differently. We wanted our people to explore the world outside and be allured by its tranquility. It is only when you can appreciate the beauty of the world that you can be inspired to work each day.

The daily battle - Kartikeya Puri

Funny Monk - Shantesh Gogi

This made me realize the fact of life that it's up to us to see the positivity in the worst situations of life. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday - Shantesh Gogi

Revamping our Workspace

With the amazingly alluring captures we received, we decided to showcase them on our walls. The wonderful pictures just go to remind onlookers about the amazing creations of the world and get our walls looking no less than an art gallery. What’s interesting is that every picture has a unique story to tell and along with it, it changes perceptions on individuals thoughts and ideas, making it an icebreaker of sorts and a reason to connect for all InMobians.
The pictures clicked were showcased on prominent walls and communicated via mail to the entire office.

It truly got every InMobian inspired by the simple complexities of the world around us. And the hidden and invisible talent of the numerous shutterbugs at InMobi.