What to expect from managers and supervisors in case of harassment : A live session by Avik Biswas

InMobi as an organisation is known to foster the values of taking ownership, being accountable, being passionate and enjoying freedom with responsibility!

And so we at InMobi strongly condemn any sexually colored comment or act.
As a dynamic organization, we believe that it is very important to keep our managers and supervisors abreast with such topics so that they are able to handle such situation in accordance to the prescribed policy and with utmost professionalism.

We conducted a manager workshop in order to educate and emphasize the need of knowing how to manage a case of workplace harassment.
We had our external Anti harassment committee member
Mr. Avik Biswas from IndusLaw, conduct a detailed session on how to skillfully handle harassment related issues.

These were some of the topics covered:

  • What constitutes harassment
  • What constitutes sexual harassment
  • How to handle various cases of harassment
  • The prerequisites of a clear and precise harassment policy
  • What constitutes a sexually colored comment or action
  • Who constitutes an employee
  • What constitutes as a workplace
  • Who are the members of the internal committee
  • Who to reach out to in case you need to report an incident
  • What is the process to file a complaint
  • And finally the importance of a sexual harassment policy

It was truly a well conducted session on a topic important to any great workplace.