Whiz-Quiz @ InMobi

Back in College, quizzing was a regular activity for many. It was an excuse to travel to different parts of the country, make friends, and have fun. So, here was an attempt to take people down the memory lane.

"What's in a name!" was the first round to set the tone for the evening. There is a backstory for each and every brand name and product, which often goes unnoticed. This activity brought to light these quirky facts!

Our In-house quiz master Vaishnavi Rao, an intern who put together this mind-boggling quiz, smashed questions back and forth to keep our audience engaged throughout.

We did a little bit of globe trotting with some trivia questions. From Michelle and Barack Obama's first date to the law school photograph of Hillary Clinton, Coldplay in Mumbai to InMobi Conference Rooms, there was something for every kind of fanatic. There was the Foodie, Sports Fan, the Binge Watcher, Gamer and the Brand enthusiast.

With rib-tickling team names like Fast and Curious, Tech-ila Mocking Birds and Three Marketeers, InMobians were able to bring out their creative caps. Filled with moments of eureka, and nostalgia, this surely was a hell of a break from a regular routine.

Knight Riders rode away with the title of Best Quizzers leaving Fast and Curious as runners-up of the InMobi Quiz Contest!

Happy Quizzing!